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Wisa Greid is finding it very difficult to belief whether he truly did what happened on stage within this month. He wishes it were a dream. After this huge controversy, the "Ekiki me" hitmaker sent to his personal Facebook account to apologize to his fans and all music lovers for his unprecedented behavior. However, there is a bigger question we want to ask: "Is Wisa Greid music career over?".

There have been several controversies which has rocked most celebrities over the years especially in Ghana. There was a time when popular and controversial musician, Wanlov the Kubolor showed his "property" on television on Delay show. This became a heated debate and he was as usual roasted by fans. However, after several weeks of talking, the problem was laid to rest and unfortunately, Wanlov became more popular after showing his "di*k" on Tv but his songs, "nope".

Also, after her s.e.x.tape leakage, Tiffany has disappeared from the music scene for a while. She topped the highest searched celebrity that year. Am sure some of the search words was on the leakage and not her songs.  

Raquel Ammah flashed her "Vajay" to the public on stage sometime ago ( according to her she forgot to wear under wear to the show ). Right after this incident, her music career had gone to sleep for a while. This shows that most music lovers in Ghana do not support nudity at all.

Interestingly, there seems to be a personal reason why the "ekiki me" hitmaker decided to pull out his manhood and dance with it. Is he trying to be famous or something went wrong that day?

However, we will like to conclude that, his music career can end if fans do not support him. But, He cannot stand tall as a result of the act committed on stage.


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