2016 is my year to "shine" - Frank Nero | Dayz Entertainment

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Frank Nero, who is also the half brother of Kumahood actor Kwaku Manu revealed recently on an interview with Adom News that 2016 was his year to shine.

"2016 is my time to shine and I believe it is possible"

Frank also revealed that He helped his brother, Kwaku Manu on his album including a track entitled "wob3t3 kraw". 

"I sung on most of the song and also helped in writing most of the songs my brother did on his album"
"Music is my talent and I also know that am born to act and do music", He said.

Frank Nero also revealed that, this time, He is making music the fans will love to hear.

"Music is all about the fans and so my album is in for the fans"

Frank, is currently working on his album and we promise to get some of the songs for you to listen right here.

Source: www.dayzentertainment.com

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