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Jesus said something and am quiet sure most people are not paying attention to it. In Matthew 10:8, He said "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay". There is another verse in Acts 8:20 which also speaks more on the earlier on verse. Peter answered: "May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money!

In Ghana and other parts of the world, a lot of people are stunned to find out that, instead of seeing men of God help solve problems , they rather need something in order to. These men of God have a particular verse picked from the Bible where their claim of money taking is based.

 1 Corinthians 9:14 "Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel".

But does this verse say that people should pay before seeing a man of God? Surely, Jesus never did so why should they?

In Ghana specifically, some men of God sells a lot of things to their congregations. These items includes "anointing oil, anointed canes, holy water, ointiments, stickers, calendar, porridge, pure water", to mention but few. The prices of these items ranges from 100.00 Ghana cedis to 200.00 Ghana cedis.

Prophets who do not sell these items also charge people before been shown how to deal with their problems. With much investigation, Dayz Entertainment is proud to present the top 7 Prophets in Ghana who are quick in this business. Let's see who rules from below:

7. Prophet Kum ChaCha:
This prophet is widely known in Ghana for his jokes and some of his "funny english". Prophet Nicholas Osei, who is also known as Kum ChaCha is a Kumasi based Prophet. A deep cast into his type of preaching usually falls on people seeking deliverance from their problems.

He has "anointing oil" for sale. According to the Man of God, the oil is powerful enough to help a person breakthrough his problems. The price of the oil ranges from 100 cedis to 200 cedis. Kum ChaCha was asked sometime ago on the reason why he never gives out the oil for free.

"We use money to buy the materials for making the oil so you don't expect us to give it out freely".

6. Prophet Agya Dan:
This Kumasi based prophet falls on the 6th position for the amount of riches he gathers from the sale of his special "concutions". Agya Dan, as he is popularly known revealed sometime ago that a lot of ladies do visit him for spiritual help. According to the man of God, some of them bring along photos of their spouse for all kind of help.

Prophet Agya Dan is widely known for the sale of "anointing oil" and other special water for sale in his church. As usual, the prices of these spiritual concoctions are not easy to buy. They ranges from 100 cedis to 200 cedies. Sometimes, a person will have to buy more than one anointing oil for a breakthrough to happen.

Agya Dan, has accrued a lot of riches from his sales. His church is been dramatized with a lot testimonies and adverts on how powerful his God is doing his work.

5. Obofour:
The 5th person on our list is the leader of the Anointed Palace Chapel widely known as "Obofour". This man of God always appear on Sweet Television in Ghana. Honestly, I do love his preaching. However, we cannot exempt this man of God from our list. He is widely known for his "blood of Jesus" (Yesu Mogya) concoctions he serves to his church members and people who visit him for the solution to their problems.

Information reaching us indicate that, the suppose "Yesu mogya" drink is actually "sobolo" (a local drink sold at 50 pesewas in Ghana). According to those who visit him for help, people are charged from 100 Ghana cedis and upwards in order to be offered the drink. People who are so poor to pay up to that amount will only get a small drop or nothing at all.

This is serious business. If a drink which is sold at a pesewa is sold almost  a million in Church, then its much profit. So, Prophet Obofour falls on the 5th position for his great job in God's business.

4. Obinim:
Controversial Pastor, Bishop and Prophet Obinim falls on the 4th position for the amount of riches he gathers from his sales in the Church business. I know a lot of people will love me to put him on the first list but am sorry to reveal that, though he is very popular but He cannot make it to the top position.

Obinim is the The Founder of the International Gods Way Church which at the moment has branches in Kumasi, Accra, Tema and a lot of places within Ghana. Over the years, Obinim has been charged and even arrested for beating up a radio journalist. He was also charged for sleeping with one of his Pastor's wife and others.

Surprisely, the brutalities has not been able to stop the man of God from working out his body. Obinim has special anointing oils, stickers and even calenders with his pictures embedded on them. Obinim is known to resurrect the dead, heal the deaf, dump and the blind in his church. People who visit Prophet Obinim pays an amount of money before seeing the man of God.

The leader of the International Gods Way Church now owns a television station (OB TV). Obinim is a rich man of God now and takes the 4th position for his richness.

3. Kyiri Abosom:
Osofo Kyiriabosom (Pastor I hate gods) is the leader and founder of Live Assembly Worship Centre. This man of God is one of the richest in the business at the moment. Before one can present his problems to the man of God, an amount of 200 cedis is supposed to be paid as consultation fee.

After the consultation fee, other problems like been cursed by a fellow man will attract other charges. For example, an anointing oil will attract about 100 to 200 cedis. This man of God makes the 3rd position for been able to make more money.

2. Ebenezer:
The "Opambour" man is very serious with his work. At sometime, Obinim and Ebenezer were the most popular in this business. This trigged some Kumahood movie producers in the country to make a movie after the two. The title of that movie was "ObinimEbenezer. However, the names above will show that, some competition has been created and monopoly taken away from the system.

Ebenezer, who is also known as Prophet One sells anointing oil, and water from a well. According to people who visit him for help, the "aburamunsuo" (well water) cost almost 50 cedis a gallon. A lot of people do visit him for this special water which is able to cure all sickness.

The man of God who is also a professional musician like the others charge for consultation. He is quick in his work and has made a lot of money. He currently owns the Prophet one television and a town almost named after his church camp.

1. Prophet Philip K. Aquah:
The Most Senior Prophet Philip K. Acquah, Founder and Leader of the Church of Bethesda takes the top spot on our list. Actually, this post is not about tarnishing the image of any church or man of God. The Senior Prophet, who is also the leader of the spiritual churches in Ghana makes more money than all prophets named above.

At the moment, the man of God owns the Phillico Television which shows all his church activities in Ghana. He sells, anointing oils, some special water, ointment to mention but few. In his church, people who come for spiritual bathing pays an amount ranging from 50 cedis to about a hundred.

This man of God warned Asamoah Gyan before Musician Castro, went into missing. The man of God who spoke about the poor collection of taxes as a reason to why the country is suffering, is frequently seen on his television holding bundles of money collected from his church members.

Honestly speaking, apart from Obofour who preaches some good news, the rest of the men of God on our list, talk about their special kind of water, their location and what they can do. This list is to let you know, who you are actually dealing with in Ghana. I know a lot of Ghanaians has been hopping from one man of God to the other for solutions to their problems. This list will help you know where to find help.

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