I Wore The FAKE Adidas Hoodie In “BieGya” Music Video For A Mission - Shatta Wale | Dayz Entertainment

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Ghanaian Dancehall artist Charles Nii Armah who is known in the music circle as Shatta Wale A.k.a  Dancehall King has been in the news hours after releasing the music video of his controversial song "Bie gya" (Open Fire) for wearing a FAKE Adidas Hoodie .

This is what the artist got to tell critics hours after trending for wearing the fake Adidas Hoodie:

We do these things for people to know.Life is all about being smart and smartness is success..Victory comes when you have accomplished that mission and executed well..We dont just do music..This is what we call showbizness..😂😂😂

In other words ,he wore if for a mission and the mission is well executed.

Story by : Bimpeh Lawrence/www.dayzEntertainment.com

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