Stop Calling Me A Prostitute - Actress Who Went Half-Na ked To Act Movie Cries Out (Photos) | Dayz Entertainment

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One of the ladies who went half-unclad to act a movie celebrating African culture in Enugu staterecently -has lamented due to serious backlash from people.... The upcoming Nollywood actress, Peace Maria Francis, who showed off her br*asts while acting -has come out to defend herself.

 In an interview with Nollywood Insider, she said:

    “Show me love and appreciation, and not condemnation. This is about my profession. It is all because I wanted to use it to tell the real story of what happened back then in our country, Nigeria. It is also in a bid to tell our younger ones how we started back then, and the only way to do that is to express it in a professional manner. I am a Christian, for crying out loud.

     I fear God and worship him as best as I can. But would that stop me from doing my job? I think that shouldn’t. Some ask how much I was paid to expose my body like that. Others want to know ask why I did it. They say I am desperate and a paid prostitute. All I want them to know is that I am just a good actor, who takes her job with the seriousness it deserves. I only played the character given to me and interpret the role well. I’m not here for fame or money."....

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