Too Bad! Angry Davido Blasts The Heck Out Of A Girl Who Made Fun Of His Pen!s Over L3aked $ex Tape Of His Ex | Dayz Entertainment

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OBO Davido is trending as usual!..His ex-girlfriend, Faith Nkesi posted an expl!cit video on Instagram. The r*unchy video instantly went viral on social media sites. (Watch HERE)

Faith released a statement on her IG after deleting the video claiming that it was a ‘private’ video that had been l3aked to her Instagram account‚ saying the video was of herself and her boyfriend while they were on vacation.

A Nigerian tweeter user took this statement to mean that Davido was the boyfriend she was referring to and hit hard on him..making fun of the size of his m*nhood…Davido, who didn’t want to be linked in anyway to the scandalous video didn’t waste time in lashing out at the lady..

Check screen shot below:

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