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An openly gay eThekwini councillor has made public details of homophobic hate mail a constituent has been sending him.

The individual had been emailing him since May, the Democratic Alliance’s Martin Meyer posted on his Facebook page.

“I especially liked the one where you told me that you pray for my parents that they will be forgiven for their failures as parents. I never responded to you, except when you asked for my boss' email, as I do not usually justify people's hate with a response,” he wrote.

LGBTI rights were in the spotlight this week when Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba announced on Tuesday that gay-bashing US pastor Steven Anderson and his entourage have not been granted visas to enter SA for their “soul-winning” crusade.

Meyer wrote that his sexuality was public knowledge and he had never hidden it from voters. He had spoken about it in some of the churches in his area, and fielded questions about it from residents.

“With all of this, the people of Ward 27 kindly re-elected me with 77.1% of the votes (an increase from 2011). To put it into numbers 13 272 residents of this ward did not share your hate. You might be further interested to know that 140 people in this ward voted for the ACDP (0.81%). I am sure they are grateful for your vote.

“It is thus clear that you are in the minority. But fear not - The Democratic Alliance will continue to fight for the rights of minorities, as they fight for the rights of all South Africans. I thus give you my word, I will continue to represent you in council, and I will be available to assist if you if ever you need my help,” he said.

“I respect your freedom of religion. I respect that you have certain views based on your interpretation of your religion. As I have a Master's degree in Theology, I would love to engage with you on those views. But you must also respect my views, my private life, and you must respect the wishes of 13 272 of your fellow Ward 27 residents.”

Source: News24

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