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It appears to be all is not well with Ghanaian highlife vocalist Kwabena and his second marriage yet he won't address it openly.

As indicated by a distribution by entertainmentgh, hypotheses about splits in his second marriage have been social occasion energy and when Hitz FM chose to goad on the veracity of the hypothesis, Kwabena disregarded it and expressed that, he won't examine his own life in broad daylight.

As indicated by the craftsman, lessons from his first marriage, where its disintegration played out in the media, is illuminating his choice not to pass any editorial on his own life in the media once more.

He however expressed that the media and fans ought to be worried about Kwabena the craftsman and the music!

In July 2009, Kwabena's marriage was said to have been under danger taking after cases he had impregnated another lady. This disclosure, as per "ShowGhana" was made by the artist's sister in law, Cindy, when she was met on Accra's Radio Gold. She asserted that the artist had left his conjugal home and was no longer wearing his wedding ring.

At that point on July 14, the 'Week by week Fylla' daily paper detailed that the performer had impregnated a lady before his exceptionally broadcasted marriage and had denied the affirmation however was later present at the "denied" infant's naming function to name the tyke after his mom. He was said to have left his conjugal home and had moved in with another lady who was likewise pregnant and going to be locked in to the star. Be that as it may, Kwabena faulted the breakdown in the marriage for his significant other Esther who he said gave an excessive amount of ear to busybodies.

He told Showbiz last Friday at his North Kaneshie home that Esther regularly worked herself into a free for all over these stories. "When she couldn't bear the agony she was tenaciously delivering on herself, she conveyed the stories which she deciphered as terrible treatment to individuals from her family", Kwabena said.

Kwabena said he attempted through supported clarifications and affirmations to demoralize his better half from listening to her witnesses since it just worked her up sincerely and did not bring her whatever other advantage.

"I didn't need to avoid home for long, regardless of the possibility that the reason for existing was for something that could be of common advantage to us. Working late at studio or going into gatherings that dragged into the late hours of the nighttimes were altogether considered as getting into issues with other women."There were different issues however I favor not open up to the world on them since that could influence the eventual fate of the main kid in that marriage. I am certain that I did my best to make that marriage work. Possibly she likewise attempted, relational unions don't end overnight, I figure we both attempted."

Kwabena wedded Abena Owusuaa, his second marriage – in 2010 at a relaxed service in Accra, after his first marriage to Esther finished in a tumultuous way.

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