Kwaisey Pee Doesn’t Know The Job His Brother Criss Waddle Does – Why Do You Want to Know? | Dayz Entertainment

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Regularly, many have solicited the kind from employment CEO of AMG Business and artist Criss Waddle does. This question comes to fruition regularly just on account of the extraordinary life the artist lives and how he displays his autos, shoes and properties on picture sharing site Instagram.

Indeed, as curious the same number of seem to be, his kindred spirit doesn't know the sort of employment he does and doesn't believe it's important to know.

Destined to a similar father (amazing craftsman, Agyeiku of Serwaa Akoto acclaim) yet with various moms, Ghanaian high life vocalist Kwesi Pee says he has no clue what work his sibling does.

Kwaisey Pee in noting a question postured by an audience on Angel FM in Kumasi said they were both grown-ups and he (Kwaisey Pee) didn't see the need to examine or jab his nose into the sibling's business.

"We don't live in a similar house. He's a grown-up quite recently like myself. He's my dad's child so I don't think I have to research him or jab my nose to discover what he does.

In addition, once asked in a meeting about for what valid reason he does hip-life dissimilar to me, he said I (Kwaisey P) was taking after my father's means and he's doing his own particular thing too so that is it."

Criss Waddle in an as of late meeting uncovered he was an expert handyman and that is the manner by which he profits.

Addressing Dr. Beats on Hitz FM, he said;

"Those days I used to repair bikes. You know I needed to settle bike at a point in my hustle life, so the pipes business is simply one more expertise I have and utilize.

I've been a handyman for quite a while, yet my charge is exceptionally costly however yes, I'm still accessible to take a shot at pipes works for individuals who are intrigued. So aside music, pipes is the place I profit."

Kwaisey Pee has been in the capital of the Ashanti Region, Kumasi where he is advancing his new single which components Flowking Stone.


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