Mr. Eazi’s Tweet Giving Credence to Ghanaian Music Sparks Confusion Among Nigerians (@mreazi) | Dayz Entertainment

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Life can be eazi at times but uneazi sometimes too.

Yes, the streets of Twitter ain’t safe for Mr. Eazi anymore as his recent tweet giving credence to Ghanaian music and its influence on present day Nigerian music seem not to have gone down well with a number of his following in Nigeria.

It is often said that the truth is a bitter pill to swallow and one needs to have enough balls to actually want to spill it knowing the exact repercussions of it.

All seemed well as the musician expressed his views on African music and it’s massive penetration on the world market until the skingtight hit maker gave credence to Ghana’s influence on present day Nigerian music.

Yes, that was a major problem for a number of modern day Nigerians who perhaps have virtually little or no knowledge about African music.

In an expected chain of responses, a number of Nigerians tore the musician apart without necessarily stating counter facts.

Others even threatened him not to return to his motherland, Nigeria.

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