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The former POTUS is all smiles during his 'epic' vacation on billionaire Richard Branson's private island, Virgin Island.

Barack Obama might be the happiest former president ever as he went on many vacations after retiring. After wrapping up his short sweet escape in Palm Spring with his family, Obama brought his wife and daughters to fly over to the British Virgin Island, a private island owned by famous billionaire Richard Branson. Obama was even spotted kitesurfing with the billionaire there.

Branson uploaded a video on YouTube titled "Richard vs Barack" on Tuesday, February 7, showing how the former president handles the extreme sports. The video shows Branson and Obama competing on who could stay on board the longest. In the video, Obama tries to balance his body on a kiteboard and Branson on a foilboard. Branson and Obama fall to the water multiple times but they still look happy and energetic. Obama appears to be the winner and the video ends with a picture of the former president smiling widely to the camera.

Branson also took to his website to explain the backstory of the competition. He said that Obama once told him how he had been surfing on a dangerous break in Hawaii before he became a president. But after he was elected, his security team restrained him from surfing since it was considered dangerous.

So after Obama retired from his position, Branson invited him to his island to try kitesurfing. In the post, Branson also bragged about how Obama mastered the basic of kitesurfing in only two days. The two gentlemen seemed enjoying their vacation together as Branson has already planned for another one. He wrote that he wanted to do the long kite in Anegada together with Obama the next time he visits his island.

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