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Ever heard of an occult group that does not feed on human blood for rituals? If you answered no,  then you would be surprised at this revelation.

Ever since mythology has been in the world's history books, what every African knows is that occultism thrives on the use of human blood for making billions. It is not entirely true,  if you asked me.

Now,  you can build that multi million dollar mansion you dreamt of,  or the latest edition of the Range Rover you have ever admired without any hustle.

Our rituals involve no human blood.  We have our own way of securing wealth from the spiritual realm, and that makes our club the most successful billionaires club that doesn't deal with killing of humans.

Alsha Billionaires' Club has the panacea to your poverty.  About 4,000 Billionaires in Ghana belong to  our club which has been in existence since 1954. They just stood against the status quo of "work hard and earn little"and joined us. They are their own bosses and eat, wear,  drive, whatever they want.

Jah Chris after joining this prestigious group was able to buy a Range Rover for his girlfriend.

With over 50 branches across the Africa continent, the Alsha Billionaires club originated from India and crept through the African soil to Ghana in the pre- colonial years and started with 17 persons who became successful in their businesses at the sight of all.

Taxi drivers,  farmers,  and petty traders have broken the poverty chain and are affluent in their communities after they joined this magnificent club.

Wenchi, in the Brong Ahafo Region is where our headquarters is located.


Our membership is opened to people who are 18 years and above regardless of one's sex and religious affiliation.

One needs to pay a non negotiable registration fee of GHS 500 cash (mobile money is not acceptable) at our Wenchi office with two Passport pictures to be ushered into the group.

 We also hold monthly meetings for members across the country at the end of every month and to welcome new members too.


When one is ushered into the club, she must not call the saint when menstruating.

After a sexual intercourse, one is must not call the Saint unless after bathing.

We thrive on secrecy with regards to the identity of our members in the club due to their prominence hence we don't reveal our members to the public.

Our contact numbers are  +233 244498114
+233 274700300


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