Angelina Jolie Spotted With Mystery Man While Celebrating Kids' Birthday at Disneyland | Dayz Entertainment

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According to a Disneyland artist, the 'Maleficent' actress was seen bringing along a man on her trip with her kids at the happiest place on earth.

Angelina Jolie took her six children to Disneyland on Wednesday, July 12 to celebrate the twins Vivienne and Knox's ninth birthday. However, aside from the kids, the 42-year-old actress reportedly brought a mystery man, who could possibly be "a famous person", on the fun trip at the happiest place on earth.

"Angelina did have a friend with her at Disneyland yesterday, and my coworker at Disneyland who saw them together said, 'It was a famous person, cause I know his face, but I don't know who it was,' " Alexa Guzman, a Disneyland artist, told "She was with some other guy. But I couldn't tell you who."

She added, "I don't know how romantic her date could have been with this famous guy if she was with a bunch of her kids but, my friend saw him and recognized him, but did not know who he was. A mystery date man, if it was a date."

While it is still unclear whether the mystery man has a special relationship with the actress, it seems unlikely for Angelina to start a new romance anytime soon as she is still enjoying her life as a single woman and mother. "Angelina has been pretty much a full-time mom, which she loves," a source previously said. "Angelina is really enjoying being single again, and says she is no hurry to get into a serious relationship with anybody--this is her time to shine, and she's loving it. Angelina is feeling more like her authentic self now than she has been in years."

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