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The 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' hitmaker is forced to pay in cash during her shopping spree in Beverly Hills.

Mariah Carey suffered an embarrassing moment during her recent shopping spree in Beverly Hills. According to a source, the "All I Want for Christmas Is You" hitmaker was forced to pay in cash as her credit cards were declined.

"She was shopping on Rodeo Drive and her credit cards were declined," reveals an eyewitness, "When it happened at Louis Vuitton she thought it was a fluke. But when it happened three more times she was embarrassed and humiliated."

Mariah reportedly played it off like it was a mistake, as she left and came back to purchase the high-end items. "She returned with an assistant and her manager Stella [Bulochnikov], who made a total scene," the eyewitness tells Radar Online, "They ended up paying cash."

"But Mariah is blaming her manager for the cancelations, postponement and low ticket sales of her tour with Lionel Richie. She's also had bad press and business deals. Stella keeps saying everything is going to be all right, but it's not," continues the insider.

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