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 Bieber's secret hospital visit led to the firing of a hospital employee and now the ex-staffer files a lawsuit for wrongful termination.

Justin Bieber was hospitalized for a swolen testicle earlier this year. Back in May, the 23-year-old Canadian singer was rushed to an emergency room at Northwell Health, a Long Island hospital in Great Neck, after he was injured when playing soccer and twisting one of his testicles.

The ER visit was revealed following a lawsuit filed by a former employee against the hospital. The ex-staffer named Kelly Lombardo was fired for allegedly accesing Bieber's file when false rumors spread within the hospital that the star was treated for a sexually transmitted disease.

Lombardo fought back. She denied any wrongdoings and sued Northwell Health for wrongful termination. "My client was a moral employee who had respect for patient privacy and never accessed Justin Bieber's file," her lawyer David H. Rosenberg told New York Daily News.

According to the lawyer, she did hear about the STD rumors from her colleagues but she never tried to take a peek at Bieber's file. "My client swears she did not access the file. From what I can tell, she's telling the truth," the attorney claimed.

Before Lombardo was fired, she was dragged into a meeting with hospital execs who accused her of violating Bieber's privacy rights. "She was told generally, 'You are a young female. You're not curious about what he was doing in the ER?' And they fired her," Rosenberg said. "She didn't admit him. Never saw him there. She was literally dragged into this."

In her legal papers filed with the New York Division of Human Rights, she claimed she was singled out because she was female. "They targeted her because of her gender," Rosenberg said. "It's wrong. She's emotionally distressed. We're looking forward to vigorously prosecuting these claims."

The news of Bieber's wild hospital visit came after photos of his private parts landed on the internet when the Instagram page of his former on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez was hacked. The former Disney star is now dating another singer The Weeknd.
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